Cosmetic Brand Loyalty

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- Cosmetic product/ facial skin care product
Generally, cosmetic products are referred to chemical substance or natural substance to enhance human appearance. Wilson (2008) stated that “articles intended to be applied to the human body for cleansing, beautifying, promoting attractiveness, or altering the appearance without affecting the body’s structure or functions” .Today, with the increasing of women purchasing power, cosmetic consumption takes the form of being source of self-expression (Miller, 2006). Consumers started to turn to cosmetic from the clothes based on their affordability and accomplishment after comprehending the art of using cosmetic (Yamamoto, 2006). Cosmetic products have modernized Vietnam society, especially young generation
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- Brand Loyalty
In 1969, Howard and Sheth were the first time to introduce the theory of buyer behavior regard to notion of brand consideration into marketing. In fact, brand loyalty is defined as the process of keeping consumer repeat the purchase to a specific product or service, regardless of convince or price. People believe that loyalty is closely associated with various factors; the experience of use is an example (Aaker and Keller, 1990). Customers may be loyal due to high switching barriers related to technical, economical or psychological factors, which make it costly or difficult for the customer to change. In another point of view, customers may also be loyal because they are satisfied with the brand, and thus want to continue the relationship (Fornell, 1992). Hamza (2011) found the significant relationship between the factors of brand loyalty and cosmetics brand loyalty. They are revealed as the brand name, product quality, price, promotion, service quality and store environment. Another factor to make consumer stay with brand loyalty is because of emotion. The positive emotions toward the brand basically translate to a higher
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Cosmetic is important in modern life because it helps users to look more stylish and beautiful as cosmetic plays a significant role in the creation of an image or being presentable to the others (DeLong and Bye, 1990) and to find marked differences in the level of social visibility in some of cosmetic product usage (Chao and Schor, 1998). Beauty therapist (Rodda, 2004) illustrated that there are a big number of cosmetic products in the market are harsh on the skin. Also, many studies have examined the accuracy and fairness of women’s portrayals (Baldwin, 1996; Snyder, 1996). It is revealed that whitening and brightening is big business in the Asian beauty industry as belief “white is beauty”. Supermarkets and pharmacies carry a range of whitening products that promise to take some of color away. Vietnam users are blinded on the way how to find an effective product which suite to their skin structure by that way. It also offers a solution for those who suffer sign of premature ageing such as brown spots, blotches and discolorations of the skin. By overdoing the lightening and whitening process, skin can become sensitive and is eventually damaged (Rodda, 2004).Some Asian people want to look more lightens on their skin; the cosmetic products become an agent to make the transformation. Hersch, (1999) mentioned that most people know the distortion towards the

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