Cosmetic In Ancient Egypti The Cosmetics Of Ancient Egypt

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The Cosmetics of Ancient Egyptians

The topic I chose for my essay is cosmetics of Ancient Egyptians. I chose this topic because I did some research on different things and this concept grabbed my interest the most. I would like to know what type of cosmetics the Ancient Egyptians used and why they wore their makeup. This essay will discuss how the Ancient Egyptians wore their makeup, how they made their cosmetics, why they wore makeup, how they stored their makeup, medicine uses of cosmetics, and cosmetic palettes.
Ancient Egyptians used a variety of cosmetics. All of the cosmetics they used were: black galena (kohl), lip stains, cheek stains, and eye paints. They mainly focused on eye makeup. They would use a wooden stick to apply the kohl. After applying it would create an almond-shaped eye in which represented the eye of Horus.
The eye of Horus was believed by the Egyptians to have magical and very defensive powers from a battle of Osiris and Horus. It was there said that Horus lost his left eye. The Ancient Egyptians believed that his eye was magically restored. Therefore, the Ancient Egyptians wore the black kohl and used green eye paints on their eyes to keep the presence of evil away from them. Also, they used this as a way to keep their eyes protected from eye diseases. The use of eye paints was an important role in the afterlife of the Ancient Egyptians too. They believed that the deceased must line their eyes with black galena in order for one to face

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