Cosmetic Industry In India

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About India cosmetic industry
Indians have become more aware of image conscious, corporatization, Life style and growing income levels, this increasing consumer awareness has led to the rapid growth of Cosmetic Industry today in India. The Indian Cosmetics Industry is defined for hair care, skin care, fragrances oral care segments and color cosmetics, which stood currently estimated at $950 million, is likely to grow to $2.68 billion by 2020. In India the annual growth of the cosmetic and the beauty markets is estimated to be in the range of 15-20 per cent in the upcoming years, twice as fast as that of the European and US markets. The personal care and beauty market which is known as cosmetic Industry in India has a huge potential
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Even though the personal and beauty care market continued to register good growth in 2015-2016 due to improving economic conditions and falling inflation. The increasing spending power has made industry of cosmetics one of the most rapidly growing industries, providing significant Marketing opportunities in India. In India Cosmetics largely consists of Lips, Nails, Eyes, Face, Brushes & Accessories, home Fragrances, Moisturizer, Lips Care, face Treatment, face wash, Scrubs, deodorants, shaving and grooming, soaps, Hand and Nail Care, Body Lotion. HUL, P& G, Vicco, Dabur, Fair and Lovely, Ponds are few of top cosmetic Brands in India. Indian cosmetic sector can be largely divided into two parts, that is Chemical based Cosmetics which are largely sold by Brands such as Ponds, Lakme, HUL etc. and Herbal or Organic based Cosmetics, EMAMI, VICCO and DABUR are prominent brands in this Segment. On the other hand, brands like Emamai, Patanjali, Dabur, Vicco,…show more content…
This has caused an increase awareness about the environment and people’s own health, which leads to changes in the trend of consumer’s preferences and purchases. That is, apart from considering quality and price, consumers now consider the effects of the product on the environment. This has led to the emergence of green marketing. Another emerging green product is herbal cosmetics which are widening both its market and number of consumers. This will continue until it has become prominent this century. At the moment, there is a large array of cosmetic products made from herbs, for instance cucumber, tamarind, and Aloe Vera. Their popularity is increasing which causes the market to expand. Due to this, cosmetic companies are turning their attention to producing

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