Cosmetic Surgery Persuasive Essay

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Nowadays, many cosmetic products are being issued. Beauty is what everybody wanted. People strive hard to be flawless and beautiful to achieve perfection because they believe that is the one thing to get better. However, people are obsessed by beauty and looks. Many people of all ages and sexes have had cosmetic procedure help to create a more youthful appearance. Some people feel that they would be more comfortable in their own skin and sexier. That is a basic fact that cannot be argued with. This is something that seemed hard to achieve some time ago. However, this is a trend that has changed, over the years. Plastic surgery has shocked all over the world that the number of procedures increased. I strongly agree that plastic and cosmetic surgery should be banned because the cost of surgeries are very expensive, the treatment carries risks bring poor outcomes to the patients, and plastic surgery is the source of which diseases or disorder come from.
First, let’s take a look at the cost of surgeries are very expensive to do the plastic surgery. When people decide want to do the cosmetic surgery, they always consult with professional who gives them an estimate as to the cost. The actual cost will rise dramatically due the surgeries that they do. Even if the additional cost does not affect you, the trauma of a cosmetic procedure gone wrong can affect to one’s psychological and emotional state of mind. Do you ever wondered how much the cosmetic surgery costs? Here, I give you
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