Cosmetic Surgery Should Be Banned In The Philippines

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People say beauty is only skin deep. In the case of cosmetic surgery, that is all the more true. We have come to a point in time where just the normal beauty is no longer enough. With the technology we have today, people consider perfection is just one cut or tuck away. Cosmetic surgery has become a trend for celebrities and common folk alike. Whether the reason is to reverse the aging process or to make one’s nose just a little bit longer, most people turn to cosmetic surgery. However, despite its seemingly magical effects, there are many dangers that come along with this process. In the Philippines, cosmetic surgery is starting to become a trend as well. Nevertheless, cosmetic surgery should be banned in the Philippines due to health risks, financial burden and possible addiction to the patient. In cosmetic surgery, like any other surgery, there are alterations done to your body. One’s body can be sliced, injected or even paralyzed in order to achieve the desired effect. With any alterations done to your body, there are bound to be side effects. Cosmetic surgery has many health risks. There are many complications that may occur after surgery. First of all, there is a risk of one’s body reacting to the chemicals put into it. Also, for implants, especially in breast surgery, if the implant ruptures, it could pose many dangers to the patient. According to Finley (1946), "breast augmentation involves risk from anesthesia, excessive bleeding and infection”.

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