Cosmetic Surgery Speech

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A girl looks in the mirror and tells herself she doesn 't like what she sees and that she needs to take medical procedures, like cosmetic surgery. Cosmetic surgery may seem like a small issue, but it’s really reflecting on our society and can lead to major health concerns. Cosmetic Surgery is when someone uses drugs and medicine making them look different, this can be achieved by having surgery or other procedures. People mainly get cosmetic surgery on their faces or to lose weight, though you can get it other places. If we can educate people about the dangers of cosmetic surgery, then fewer people will get it.

Our society has a big impact on cosmetic surgery and how we view beauty. People get cosmetic surgery for many different reasons,
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An example from “ Women Dying In Colombia After 'Garage Clinic ' Cosmetic Surgeries” Is a 21-year-old girl named Ximena wanted to have a procedure done, some of her friends had a similar procedure done and recommended a place. Hours after having the job done she could not breathe correctly. She messaged the doctor and he said to rest, take it easy and it will pass over. She died on Wednesday, one day after her operation. Later people heard her story and figured out he was a chef. In “Injection Nightmare,” They talk about ABC’s Star Priscilla Presley. She had cosmetic surgery done on her face, but this was very bad cosmetic surgery. She was only one customer that had been done by Dr. Daniel Serrano. She got the surgery in 2003. She went to him because he was saying that his treatment was better than Botox, but this was not true. He was really putting an industrial, low-grade silicone similar to what auto parts are made of in Argentina. This could cause holes and lumps in his victims. This “doctor” was not licensed. He pleaded guilty to the use of unapproved drugs. This is a society obsessed with good looks, and cosmetic surgery feeds the fire. Some of the effects of cosmetic surgery…show more content…
Cosmetic surgery is a problem that can be solved by the way that the society thinks. One solution to cosmetic surgery is changing the way we think of body image. From the part of the article “Body Image”Cultural Shifts in Body Ideal The United States has always had an idea of what the “ ideal women” should look like. In the 1960’s and 70’s, women were known for thin bodies. Even in the 1990’s models were women who were very thin. The image of beauty is sometimes spread as the thought of being thin. The idea of beauty has gotten more diverse in time, Society 's obsession with being thin is still alives So called “ fat” is more acceptable then it was. In the 2000’s, a movement of men and women came together for size acceptance. This is the type of of positive image is what we should be spreading,Telling everybody that you can love yourself in your own body and that you don 't need to be thin or get cosmetic surgery. Social media has also led to people finding size acceptance. This is what we should be doing, bringing each other together, no tearing each other apart. We need to end things like bullying and threats. The ideal body images for both males and females are impacted by the American culture. Everybody wants to look tan, fit, and thin. People should understand that we do not need to follow these stereotypes to feel beautiful, and you can do other things besides surgery. We can change
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