Cosmetology And Cosmetics

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Cosmetology and cosmetic INTRODUCTION cosmetology is basically study of enhancing and betterment of the quality of skin,hair and nails.The concept of cosmetics have been existed since the origin of human life ,it has been considered as a necessary element for beautifying,sanitary and for perfuming Before the end of 19th centuary, cosmetics products were not considered as drugs, and cosmetology could often be considered as a way to sell dreams rather than object efficacy; safety for consumers was also sometimes precarious. Subsequently, the Food and Drug Administration, through the Federal Food, Drug and cosmetic act, regulated cosmetics that were required to be safe for the customer. The development of active cosmetics (cosmeceuticals in the United States) is the greatest innovation in the field of cosmetics Now a days, cosmetics are required not only to beautify the appearance or odour of the user but also to facilitate their actual need, whether it is the skin, hair, nail, mucous membrane, or tooth. With this functional approach, products became diversified and started to claim a multitude of biologic actions. The cosmetic market then greatly extended with millions of consumers worldwide. Today, the main objective of cosmetics is to hydrate the skin, minimize the marks of aging, and protecting the skin from the harmful effects of daily environmental aggressions. To assist cosmetics products , raw materials became more efficacious, safe, bioavailable, and innovative,

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