Cosmetology In Depth

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Cosmetology: In Depth
Cosmetology involves many different things, such as; makeup, hair, and nails, dating all the way back to 4000 BCE, maybe earlier. Cosmetology is the practice of beautifying the face, hair, skin, and nails. The maximum of people undoubtedly wouldn’t believe it if someone informed them of how far it dated back in our history. Some people wouldn’t believe some of the crazy reasons people do this stuff to themselves.
Hairstyling came about long before you and me, it started booming in the 1940’s and 50’s. In this time period, they would hot curl and rinse their hair because of scarcity of products. This was also the time of the start of the ponytail. The most popular hairstyles in the 1960’s were ultra-short cuts along with
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Also, China invented nail polish around that time. A long, long time after that, in 1932, the Revlon Nail Enamel Company was born, in order to make products to keep nails healthy. And lastly in 2011, Sally Hanson created Salon Effects, which is a stick on polish that creates a perfect glossy manicure (Catherine Quinn O’Neill). And now, most people go get their nails done at salons, and it seems that getting tips on has became a big thing in the last ten years.
I have noticed that some people do their nails for fun or just because it makes them pretty. Some have acrylics done because theirs are too thin or because they feel it makes them look nicer, or because they don’t grow long nails. There’s so many people that do there nails for all sorts of odd reasons but those are the main ones.
In conclusion, hair, nails, and makeup have been around forever. It has changed so much. It’s gone from shaving off eyebrows and drawing them in to most people growing their eyebrows, some don’t but still. Cosmetology was a big part of society from way far back. Its crazy how much it has changed and evolved. All of cosmetology was done for some reason and its good to know the full history and information about

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