Cosmetology In Today's Society

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Introduction Cosmetology is the practice of beautifying the face, nails, hair and skin. Now think about it could you imagine the world without it? Cosmetology has been around the world for centuries. All races, genders, and even species like to look nice that is why cosmetology is so important in today’s society. Scientists have proven that many people will choose to respect someone who is well groomed rather than someone who is not. Cosmetology has an effect on many of our everyday choices and we don’t even realize it. For example, when a men shave and trim their beards in the morning or when women wakes up and decide if she wants to wear their hair up or down. People need realize the importance of cosmetology and how without it the world would not be what it is today. Cosmetologists play an important role in society today because they provide us with talented skills of doing hair, nails, facials, and even skill treatments. It is important that we learn the history of cosmetology, careers, education required, acrylic nails and how cosmetology have an impact in the world today.

History of Cosmetology Cosmetology has been spotted around all over the world since ancient times. The first documented sign of cosmetology goes all the way back to the Mesopotamian civilization where the carved paintings of kings and
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In the middle ages make-up were despised upon and cosmetology went downward. Just like the women in Sparta the women during the Middle Ages were encouraged not to wear makeup as well. It wasn’t until the Renaissance did royal women return to wearing makeup. When the famous Queen Elizabeth died she was said to have had a quarter of an inch of lead paint makeup on her face. Since the Renaissance cosmetology has been on the rise in many different countries all over the world. Cosmetology has played a big role in many traditions that we still have

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