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When I was in high school, a major interest of mine was cosmetology, particularly the chemistry of cosmetics. While searching the internet one day, I stumbled upon the field of cosmetic chemistry. I was fascinated by the way molecules were synthesized to create a product that could transform the human face. Being a cosmetic chemist would give me the opportunity to combine chemistry and cosmetics, two subjects that seemed so different. However, cosmetic chemistry is a very specific niche, and I was worried that I was pigeonholing myself by choosing such a unique program to pursue. Moreover, a degree in cosmetic chemistry was not widespread across many large universities. After doing more research into the field, I discovered a cosmetic chemist who also had a Doctor of…show more content…
The pharmacist dispensed medications and chatted with patients, answering all their questions and advising other customers visiting the pharmacy. I relished in the extensive knowledge she had of the pharmaceuticals, while also being able to interact with her community and use her knowledge to help those who were prescribed the medications she was administering. Being a people person, I was concerned that a career in the sciences meant I would end up in a laboratory every day, only communicating with others who worked in the laboratory. Through shadowing her, I saw that I would be able to do something I enjoyed immensely, while also having the opportunity to connect with individuals not in my field of work. The shadowing experience helped me understand that pharmacy was the indeed the degree path I wanted to be on. I enjoyed that a Doctor of Pharmacy degree meant I could specialize in cosmetic chemistry, but I was also able to alter my career choice to a retail pharmacist, or any other path available to me, and still be able to make an impact on people every

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