Howard Philips Lovecraft: Master Of Gothic Stories

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Howard Philips Lovecraft is one of the twentieth century uprising writers. All of his works are revolving in the context of terror and horror fiction. He is best known as the master of Gothic tales. Lovecraft did not made up the terror he reflected in his stories, it is the terror of what he faced and struggled, that affected him deeply to the extent to write about it. He had a rough life, as the history of his family is full of human delicacy and nervous breakdowns. Moreover, he dropped out of school, without graduating, and that made Lovecraft battle unemployment for the rest of his life.
Lovecraft depended on a theory, which is a result of his lifetime results and beliefs that he applied in his works. This theory is Cosmicism,
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He thought he would be killed at night by horrific faceless creatures, called “night guants”. He was inspired by these nightmares that, he mentioned these beings in most of his works. Although he suffered in communicating as a child, but he had some social life, as a grown up. He went to gatherings in a club he joined, for neighborhood young fellows. Lovecraft at the beginning of his writing journey, used several pen names. he wrote under the names of Lewis Theobald, Edward Softly, Ward Philips and Humphrey Littlewit. Before becoming a famous writer, he worked as a storywriter, a novelist, a poet and an editor. His first works were published only in “Pulp magazines”. Lovecraft’s most remarkable works are: The Call of Cthulhu, The Shadow Out of Time and At the Mountain of Madness. His writings are into the genre of “dark, fantasy, Gothic, horror, science fiction and weird”
H.P. Lovecraft met his wife Sonia Haft Greene, when he was at a journalism conference. He fell in love with her and decided to get married. Although she was older than him by seven years, but they were congruent. Sonia had a hat shop that was thrifty. But one day this shop went penniless, so she decided to go to Cleveland to work there. Lovecraft was at that time working in New York, so they were apart for a long period of time. When they came back to their hometown, they got divorced for unknown reasons. Some people say that, their families told them to get divorced because they were separated for a long
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