Cosmo Plastics Case Study

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Do you think Alice Thornton’s proposal to decentralize the rules and procedures of Cosmo Plastics will work? Alice proposal of decentralizing the rules and procedures in Cosmo Plastics has a bigger chance of working out in a big company with different departments and great number of employees, because then daily operations and decision-making are divided into different authorities in the organization from the top managements, to the middle and lower level managements. Especially when you have this flexibility in work hours, because some departments in the company need constant attention and discipline from the side of employees, decentralizing is needed to divide the controlling process. On another scale, small groups will be formed, employees …show more content…

Which departments will be more formalized? Why? When decentralizing the organization, managers will be responsible of different groups and departments, where you will find different tasks and concerns. Therefore, each department should be managed in a way that suits the structure of it. Managers will eliminate the autonomy in the departments and will introduce the hierarchical system. Employees don’t feel trusted and don’t feel creative anymore, thus the need of managers to assure them a better environment by giving them constant feedbacks, sharing thoughts and ideas, and giving them straight forward commands. Managers should give back the permission to designers to get out during the work hours to go look for inspiration at the dime store like they used to do when they go down guy a five dollars’ worth of plastic toys. The research and design department cannot be limited by punching a time clock and stopping it from getting out of the organization because this department needs to look for inspirations, and creativeness doesn’t come out from four …show more content…

The manufacturing department is the most important one because it is the last stage before delivery. Due dates should be respected, production should not lag for any reason and therefore this department should be controlled and supervised well. Moreover, a unified clothing is not necessary in this organization, because let’s face it, we expect people who work in plastics for toy industries to be fun and happy and lively, and wearing formal clothing will do nothing but kill the child spirit of a

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