Essay On Cosmogonies And Eschatology

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Cosmogony is concerned with the origin of the universe. Eschatology is concerned with death, judgement and the afterlife. There exists a plurality of diverse cosmogonies and eschatology’s within the different religions of the world. The variations in myth, symbol and ritual contained in these religions often reflect differences in the environment, the social order, and the economy of the different civilizations to which they belong. This essay seeks to explore the different cosmogonies and eschatology’s of Egypt, Mesopotamia and Ancient Greece and how the myth, symbol and ritual contained in them are directly or indirectly related to the political and physical environment. When considering religions of the Ancient World it is evident that there is a significant relationship between myth and the physical environment. For example, when considering Ancient Egyptian religion, the cosmogony told by the Priests of Heliopolis dictated that an abyss of water was everywhere before the beginning of time. It was said that at the moment of creation, Atum, the high god, emerged from these waters. Atum took the form of a primal…show more content…
In Ancient Egyptian cosmology, Amon-Ra represents natural life on earth, while Osiris is related to the social and spiritual life on earth and in the afterlife. The contrasting features of these gods demonstrates a larger theme in Ancient Egyptian cosmology -- opposite and unequal elements that unite as parts of the same whole, This idea was the foundation of Ancient Egyptian society. Under the supreme leadership of the king or pharaoh, a division of administrators and officials were selected to oversee the daily operations of the state and maintain social order. This system caused social inequalities that kept the majority of the population poor. Despite this injustice, they accepted their lesser role as the will of the
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