Cosmopolitan Canopy Research Papers

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There are cities, like Philadelphia, that as time passes they start to grow in size and population as a result they have to create recreational places. As years go by, people start to interact more in recreational places until they become a cosmopolitan canopy. According to the book “The Cosmopolitan Canopy: Race and Civility in Everyday Life” by Elijah Anderson, a cosmopolitan canopy is a place that provides opportunities for new relationships to develop and where people come together to socialize and practice getting along with others. In this reading, Anderson also explains that a cosmopolitan canopy is not just created by the place itself or by the diversity of ethnicity, gender, and social class in and around it but also by the “goodwill that is expressed and experienced by most who enter these premises” (Anderson 11). Personally, I agree with Anderson because in order for something to become a cosmopolitan canopy, there has to be difference on the people in it. Also, people have to feel safe in that area in order for them to continue visiting the place. One of these recreational places in Philadelphia that became a cosmopolitan canopy is Rittenhouse Square. Rittenhouse Square is one of William Penn’s original five parks, located in Center City, surrounded by luxury apartments, stores, and…show more content…
Even though the majority of people that fills up this park are part of the upper-medium social class, there are homeless people walking around the area. While I was doing my observations, I saw a homeless man walking in front a restaurant that looked expensive. The homeless man sat down outside the door of the restaurant and waited for people to walk by to ask for money, he made a huge contrast in the environment. There were people in their business clothing walking by, some of them were on their phones while others were just trying to get to their
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