Cosmopolitan Language

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In the modern world, the word culture expanded to cover newfangled and modernistic aspects and norms. The existence of the old cultural conventions and principles are gradually endangered vis-à-vis the ubiquitous emergence of modern cultural concepts and patterns. Subsequently, such notions as cultural imperialism become factual in nowadays world. This imperialism which is portrayed in the global spread of a particular culture and language threatens the cultural and linguistic diversity. Thus, the prominence of English as a cosmopolitan language is often accused of being a notorious aspect of linguistic and cultural imperialism. Nevertheless, due to the emergence of multicultural spheres and the necessity to learn English, an
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Natalia Tsvetkova (2013) defines cultural imperialism as “cultural process dealing with the flow of cultural products from Western countries, in particular the United States, towards the Third World at the expense of local cultures” (p.64). Thus, the modern world is gradually incarnated into one unified cultural and social archetype. Furthermore, English, or the leading international language, has evolved into a cosmopolitan mature language and rose to prominence in the modern world. Historical, colonial, economic and technological changes contributed altogether to the actual penetrating use of English as a global…show more content…
In Algeria, there is almost no availability of projects regarding cultural imperialism and cultural awareness in relation to English as a cosmopolitan language. Basing this research study on the aforementioned ideas, we are going to investigate students’ conceptions and standpoint towards the global use of English as a lingua Franca.
The controversy that lies within this subject requires a deep investigation to determine the status of English as a lingua franca from a student’s perspective between these two contrastive poles. Ergo, the current study aims at finding in-depth conceptions offered by EFL students towards English as a lingua franca between cultural imperialism and cultural awareness. As a consequence, through the course of this study, we aim at finding valuable answers to the following basic research questions:
1- Does English as a lingua franca impose the cultural aspects of the English speaking
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