Cosmopolitanism In Social Science Research

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Values are of those topics that have been considered by many of the fields (philosophy, religion, education, economics, sociology and psychology) and the its importance is obvious, because values direct peoples ' behavior and judges and their direction through the evaluation and reflection of the way that people think in a given culture and a specific time (Khalifa, 1378: 23).
The value is some kind of belief that is located in the central form, in an individual 's overall belief system and specifies how he/she "should" and "should not" behave, or if you have goals, which have the value of achieving. Values and abstract ideals are positive and negative, and they are not bounded or required to a situation or subject of particular orientation
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Cosmopolitanism term or Cosmopolitan is derived from the Greek word of Cosmopolis that means citizen of the world. Being world citizen implies important political and normative issues regarding the world order. It is found that identity provides extensive support for political systems. World order is not an exception. Individual is the major unit of the ethical concern in the Cosmopolitan project (Braun and Held, 2010, Pugeh, 1992). Merton considers this concept as some kind of attracting people beyond the local boundaries (Ranjbarian and Gholizdeh Shoghl Abad, 1388: 94).
Cosmopolitan citizenship and a set of Cosmopolitan tendencies such as the positive emotions about migration and low nationalism are intertwined (Bayram, 2014: 2). Typically, Cosmopolitanism is interpreted as a changeable political project, moving towards human rights, democracy and cultural diversity in the era of globalization (Held,
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For example, if yesterday the factors that lead to identity crisis (identity) were near were we, today with the help of communication technology, remote factors may also cause the identity crisis. If in the past the our identity-maker sources was born out of the immediate environment, now it may be possible that different sources of identity in a long distance has a role in shaping our identity image (Rose, 1380). As it is known, in the light of globalization, national identity can be transferred to a higher level of identity (national identity, global identity, religious identity, etc.). But Cosmopolitan, not only refers to the highest levels of identity (global identity), but also Induces a particular worldview that characterized by the global common values and shared objectives. Moreover, the idea of Cosmopolitan is required widespread civic participation. Also based on the idea of Cosmopolitan, the social, cultural, economic, political, etc. issues has a transnational dimension and cannot be separated from each other and even to solve the problems, the public and global guidelines should also be
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