Cosplay Case Study

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An online survey was distributed in parts of India to college students, academicians and cosplayers in order to collect behavioural and creative data regarding cosplay. Limitations – This survey had its limitations mainly due to the restrictions of time. Cosplay as a sub-culture is not very known to people especially to the 35 and above age group, which was another shortcoming in the study. A total of 102 respondent surveys were analysed for this data stage. This survey consists of a total of 21 questions which was divided into 2 sections where 4 were optional. For this reason, some of the tables may show fewer respondents. Best efforts were made to ensure that other 18 questions were answered. The first survey section consists of 12 questions.…show more content…
The use of cosplay as escapism does not always prove that an individual is not happy with their personality. Instead cosplay is a means of socialising with others, and through their common interest getting a sense of belonging. Cosplay community is determined by a shared interest in fandom and similar activities. Identity concerns are overcome by the relationship between the cosplayer and the character they cosplay. Combined with the community emphasis on creative play, this dynamic finds little use for the gender binary’s prescriptive. As evidenced by above research and case studies, there are a wide variety of cosplays, crossplays, and genderbend cosplays. The cosplay community is very supportive and acknowledges gender to be produced and perceived as pertaining to a wider spectrum which helps cosplayers to produce the best cosplays possible, for example Reika as mentioned above. Furthermore, cosplay’s conventions have given cosplayers a space to experiment with diverse gender performances without fear of consequences. Despite of how much it’s advanced in other countries, in India gender binary is taken in account and crossplay is still a taboo in India. It is not yet established in our country and might lead to harassment if done by any. However, it is worth taking in account that cosplay develop not only character identities but also their own fan identity and it promotes a freedom of expression for participants far beyond the constraints of the gender binary and encourages audiences to engage with these diverse
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