Cosplaying In Popular Culture

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Everyone likes to use his or her Imagination and creativity. Everyone who is either young or old enjoys the exercise of using his or her own mind and this is a kind of exercise which can be found in what is called "cosplaying". A perfect way for people to improve their imagination is by wearing the costumes of their favorite fictional character at Comic-con or SacAnime(Anime convention in Sacramento). People choose their favorite fictional character by two things an Anime show or a graphic novel called Manga. Anime is short for animation which is a drawn show an example of this would-be Disney films like Cinderella or Snow White. These conventions offer the opportunity for role playing which improves the minds imagination and creativity.…show more content…
Culture is defined as a, “Shared set of knowledge, beliefs, art forms, morals, laws, customs, and habits that holds a society together.” (Pearce 1) With culture and cosplay being mentioned an interview with two gentlemen comes to mind. Bruce Byers and Jim Verede are serious cosplayers who are in it to win it. Every cosplayer has the belief that anyone can cosplay no matter who you are. In a society with cosplayers the thing that holds that society together is the good energy that flows from person to person. The morals that cosplayers have are that it is unacceptable to disrespect anyone’s wishes whether small or big. A big pet peeve to cosplayers are that no means no regarding pictures or various requests someone may have. Then there is the artist part of cosplaying that brings out their creativity they can make something beautiful from nothing. “To me making these beautiful costumes is an art because of the devotion i put into making my costumes.” (Byers) Now that we have a better grasp on how culture connects with cosplaying now it 's time to learn about the appearance, the behavior and the short…show more content…
When you think of Socialization and cosplaying you think of how Cosplayers definition of normal is different than non-cosplayers. Cosplayers see dressing up as normal and not odd at all. While other people see it as strange and odd and a waste of time. “For people who don’t cosplay they can’t judge us until they’ve tried it. Everyone on Halloween dresses up and no one sees anything wrong with that.” (Byers) You think of how at the convention the best interest to everyone is to have a judgement free zone where people can just relax and be themselves. “I feel free.” (Verede) Now I’m going to tell you about the Internalization aspects of cosplaying.
Now with Internalization a lot of people advertise about conventions and cosplaying on social media. Jim told me that the best way to spread the word around is on social media because people can see what cosplaying is like. (Verede) Though Jim found out about his first convention from his brother from a magazine. (Verede) A lot of people make videos of the convention so people can see what it’s like and how fun it is. Bruce’s cousin showed him videos on what conventions were like and he was sold on them by how much fun they looked.

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