Cost Estimation Factors In Project Management

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Abstract In globally distributed environment, software cost estimation has significant importance for the success of project management to assure a high quality product. But software cost estimation for such projects becomes challenge due to distributed offshore and onshore development and many factors come into arise such as communication, team culture, task allocation and client involvement which effects the software cost estimation. In this paper we have proposed a “Fuzzy Analytical Network Process” (FANP) to assess the cost estimation factors in distributed agile projects in order to select potential “Global Software Development” (GSD) projects with minimum cost. Our main goal is to discover and assess such cost estimation factors which…show more content…
In Section 2 related work is discussed. Different cost estimation factors concept is defined in section 3. Proposed approach FANP is discussed in Section 4. In Section 5 FANP application in GSD is discussed. Results and discussion of cost estimation factors are discussed in section 6. In last, paper conclusion is discussed in Section 7. 2. Related Work Several works in this area have been addressed to characterize significance of cost estimation factors in GSD projects. A Q-methodology is used to discover different factors which affect the success of GSD projects. Based on this methodology, factors are ranked by practitioners through survey and results are presented based on these ranking to show different challenges arise in the form of geographical, temporal and socio-cultural differences[5]. To determine GSD project outcome an assessment framework is proposed which evaluate the criteria of different knowledge, software technology, and development team and organization factors. For the assessment of framework a “fuzzy decision making and evaluator laboratory”(DEMATEL) and “fuzzy multi-criteria decision making” (FMCDM) approaches are integrated to determine priority weight of each factors in order to evaluate the outcome of GSD…show more content…
Through this approach priority weight of each key factor is determined to show the impact of distributed team’s relationship quality towards the success of GSD project[7]. Decision making problems are mostly in the crisp numbers which are in a fuzzy environment and have imprecision and uncertainty [20]. People perception is often vague, and not gives results in reality. With the comparison of other decision making methods, result of ANP is based on decision maker preference [21]. Another framework is established and evaluated which focus on dependent and feedback relation. It used systematic approach to identify or rank the factors. Therefore identified factors are ranked according to their weights. A Fuzzy set theory is comprises with triangular fuzzy number (TFN), and Analytical Network problem (ANP) which are addressing the imprecision of vagueness of data .From this work different project managers which are in distributed locations can assess the results according to weightage factors and based on these results they can easily selects potential projects with low

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