Cost Focus Strategy: AYE Supermarket

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AYE Supermarket also chooses the strategies that suit to its business and applies some information technology to improve its strategies as the following:

1. Cost Focus Strategy: AYE Supermarket can bring an IT software to help in collecting data from either customers or the company. Thus, AYE Supermarket can analyze a better plan to gain more customers by satisfying them with the right offers. The supermarket can also increase revenue by the growth of customers and reducing the unnecessary expenses, and reduce wastes that occur in the supermarket. Hence, it suits the Cost Focus because AYE Supermarket can use this strategy for distinguishing the particular products in order to create promotions or sell them.

2. Differentiation Leaderships
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This consolidated database can be useful in terms of CRM, association, accounting, manufacturing and inventory of the business. In order to improve the efficiency, using the ERP system can reduce the number of the repeated processes and the need of manual input information. In addition, this system can also improve the business processes and make it be more effective and efficient in collecting data. Also, using the ERP software can help making report to be much easier and more flexible, and according to this advantage, it can lead to having more ability to respond and handle with complex data requests. Without help from IT support, users can run their own reports easily as the system will improve the accuracy, consistency, security of data, and accessibility to be reasonable in order to increase the ease of user’s usability. In conclusion, implementing the ERP software is able to improve business productivity, increase each process efficiencies, decrease improper costs, and streamline business…show more content…
The good CRM can lead to the improvement of the business since it can increase customer retention and rise sales growth. The CRM system can interact with the customers through the different channels. Hence, a key of the CRM is the communication with customers and how to maintain it. Due to the fact that AYE Supermarket has only one branch which means that there is one and only channel to contact and attract customer directly. This condition points out that AYE Supermarket is in need of a good CRM in order to improve the relationship with the

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