Cost Of College Essay

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Did college cost get affected by the recession? The cost of college has always been what young adults have thought about? These costs have gone up gradually over time. This has aroused the question of is college worth the cost? Despite the fact that college may seem to set up your future, I differ with this because you will pay lots of money and will not have real world experience. To begin with, being in the work force can give you more experience than being in the classroom. The main point is that skill is what is needed rather that a fancy degree. Tony Brummel said ”Who could read books and earn their diplomas but cannot apply what they learned to building a successful enterprise.” He is saying this from experience of not going to college…show more content…
This makes it harder for students to afford college at all. With the increase in college tuition skyrocketing it has made college less accessible to many. Many students looking for a post secondary education are no longer able to save enough money for school. According to the College Board, the cost of college at a public four year school today is approximately $9,139 per year. In 1971, the cost at the same public four year school was only $428 per year. This increase in college tuition fees has made attending college that much harder for current students. In addition, the College Board also stated that money borrowed for school has increased dramatically from $435 billion to $1.19 trillion in the span of 9 years thus proving there is more money being borrowed instead of saved for college. The opposition would argue that a student may get a better paying job with a degree. This is not true, however, because you are trying to pay off your student debt with the money that you make. Even if you make more money you have to pay a big bill. In the end, you will be spending money on college debts that will negate any increase in salary. In summary, many of the costs will consume you when your trying to pay them off. Many colleges will have high prices and make it extremely hard to go to college. A post secondary education would not be worth the cost because of student loans, graduation rates, and the lack of real
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