Cost Of Education In America Essay

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As each new day passes, more and more people are born. The bigger, broader, and more diverse the youth generation becomes. As such, as each day passes more and more people turn 18; and they are able to become part of the Voting America. However, even though they have this sudden power and say into how the future of their country, their homes, most do not participate. Why is this the case though? Perhaps, it is all due to how the system works; perhaps the youth of America’s vote does not count? The youth of America, or even of the world, has always been looked down and deemed unimportant or ‘inexperienced’; but this is not the case. The new generation of 18 to 24 year olds is at an all-time high within our history, and as such their turn out…show more content…
Coming from numerous cultures and ideologies, what possible challenge could this population face that other young people do not? While there is not such a big difference to the college experience, when compared to high school, the hardest thing to overcome is costs. As a student in college who relies on scholarships and working to make their way through college. Costs of education is at an all-time high, and continuing is a constant struggle, which explains our generations preferences. Within the recent election before the candidates were chosen, the majority of youths supported Bernie Sander and his stance on free college. Cost of education is such a trying challenge to this population that most drop out, have break downs trying to cover the cost, or nearly kill themselves working as much as possible. Previous college generations this was not such a problem, for one could hold a part time job and pay for school, but now one can work part time and barely cover groceries. While most young people do worry about money, college students worry with several thousand dollars of tuition also staring them in the
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