Cost Of Fracking

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What the Frack? : The True Cost of Hydraulic Fracturing Hydraulic fracturing is a slot machine that pays out every time. With each quick pull of the lever, a million gallons of natural gas is dumped into the cash box. However, there’s a catch. That cute girl who has been serving drinks is secretly spiking everybody in the casino. By the time anyone notices, it is too late; they have been poisoned. In the modern world, natural gas is an essential source of energy. This allows for only the most practical forms of acquisition. Only two have survived the test of efficiency: fracking and flaring. Flaring is both more expensive and takes longer but does not harm the environment. Corporations have two options, destroying our planet should not be…show more content…
Water bugs and small fish become contaminated with chemicals from the liquid. The food chain is effected from the bottom up, so when the smallest food sources become compromised, all things above them are in risk as well. Humans and animals both are subject to the poison cocktail that is hydraulic fracturing. The gas corporations try to say that the benefits outweigh the consequences and that fracking is the only option. However, all that needs to be done is to stop pulling the lever and find a different machine. That machine exists in the form of…show more content…
After the process of fracking was “perfected” all gas companies hoping to stay competitive and make a profit were forced to move away from flaring. Unfortunately, trading an extreme profit margin for an increase in environmental awareness is nearly unheard of in the corporate world. To stop pulling the lever, when its repercussions will never be seen by the gas company, would show a complete lack of any of business sense. It also shows a complete lack of compassion. The benefits of fracking are short-term and the consequences long term. The shortsightedness of the gas corporations blinds them to the benefits of flaring. It is unacceptable that fracking operations continue to destroy this earth and its inhabitants. Greed must not get in the way of insuring the environment is preserved for the generations to come. The answer to this problem is simple; fracking must stop and flaring must take its
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