Cost Of Health Care Essay

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The use of health care resources by illegal immigrants generates divergent discuss as to those in favor or those that are against distribution of scare health care resources to those that are in this country illegally. Some contend that to not provide health care to those who are in this country illegally, make the point that people who violate the immigration laws of this country have forfeited any moral claim to assistance and should not benefit from their illegal behavior. However, those that are in favor of providing health care argue for including illegal immigrants in health care. They view decent health coverage as a basic human right. In light of health care constraints of availability and accessibility of goods which is further justified by the rising health care cost of health care in the United States, which is projected to rise to several trillion in 2030.One area that has contributed to this ballooning health care cost is the utilization of the ED especially by illegal immigrants. I do not see how denying emergency care to illegal immigrants can be done pragmatically. These immigrants utilize the Emergency department for their care and often go there when they are quite ill which adds to the overall cost.…show more content…
People who are in this country illegally have broken our laws, but the magnitude of their crime does not justify depriving them of the basic right to health care coverage while they are in our midst. The fact is that there is no feasible options in what to do with them as their children go to school with ours, they are involved in jobs and live in our society and from a public health perspective, I think they ought to be allowed to buy into the exchange at least for primary care services with no subsidies that citizens get which will prevent disease progression and the massive use of the ED by the
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