Costa Rica Rural Development

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How developed is Costa Rica?
My research question is “How developed is Costa Rica and how much does the level of development vary between the two different regions; North Pacific and Central Valley?” This research question relates to the concept of resources because they are often the cause of the variations in the level of development between regions. For example one region can be more developed because of resources such as fertile soil, reliable weather, raw materials etc. This research question is important because it doesn’t just look at Costa Rica’s overall development, but looks at the differences between the development in two separate regions. The research is important because it will help people to recognize how diverse Costa Rica
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The main industries that contribute to development in this region are tourism and real estate development. Although tourism is rapidly developing, there are concerns about the type of development that is happening. Costa Rica has long been known for its eco-tourism (sustainable tourism) a tourism that is more beneficial for Costa Rica and protects the environment. On the Pacific Coast, residential tourism has been rapidly developing. Residential tourism (all-inclusive resort and vacation home development) as well as cruise tourism are taking over. This type of development must be carefully planned and controlled as It has the potential to transform the landscape causing displacement and competition for resources with local fishing, farming and ranching communities. Development on the Pacific Coast in recent years has been rapid and has created many jobs in construction and the hotel industry. Some of the less skilled jobs in construction have been filled by immigrant workers and some of the higher skilled jobs by skilled foreigners, but overall it has created more jobs for local people, decreasing poverty and having a positive effect on the economy. It has also improved roads and public services for the local people. However, there is growing concern about how this type of development will affect the Pacific Coast in the long run. Rapid residential tourism is damaging Costa Rica’s international image as a green and sustainable destination. Not only that but it is also negatively impacting the environment; both of which will be certain to have a negative impact on the future economy. Two major areas of concern are fresh water and inadequate sanitary infrastructure (septic tanks, sewage systems, waste treatment plants, aqueducts and landfills). There are also concerns around pollution, forest removal, scenic beauty,
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