Costa Rica Origin

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Exploring Costa Rica
Origin of Costa Rica Christopher Columbus landed on Costa Rica’s shore on September 15, 1502. He was there for 18 days refitting his ships. When Columbus arrived, four major indigenous tribes were already living there. The Caribs roamed the east coast, while, the Diquis, Chibchas, and Boars roamed the southwest. The natives brought him gold objects which is how it got its name Costa Rica, “Rich Coast”. Spaniards brought smallpox to Costa Rica, which is why many people fled. In 1564, the Spanish royals established the village of Cartago in the Meseta Central, as the first permanent settlement. Costa Rica got its independence from Spain in 1821. After Costa Rica got its independence, it became a part of Mexico for a while
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The war began between two parties, the Legitism and the Democratic. The Democratic Party got military support from William Walker. He surrendered to the U.S. Navy, ending the war. Also, World War I that took place in the middle east, Europe, China, Africa, Pacific Islands, and off the coast of North and South America. The war ended with an allied victory, which resulted in the formation of new countries on the Middle East and Europe. World War II took place in North Africa, Europe, Pacific Ocean, South-East Asia, Atlantic Ocean, Middle East, China, Mediterranean Sea, North and South America. The war lasted 6 years and 1 day, from September 1, 1939, to September 2, 1945. It resulted in the creation of the United Nations and the fall of Italian and Japanese Empires. The Costa Rican Civil War was caused by the attack on Dr. Valverde’s and the reversal of the election in 1948. Figueres hatred for Calderon, caused him to have the desire of war. On March 11, Figueres brought in the arms and military forces for a successful campaign. On March 12, his army exchanged fire with government forces, causing the war to begin. Figueres and his army won the war. The war lasted 44 days and it caused the life of about 2,000…show more content…
Bananas, sugar, oranges, and fruits are also planted. Coffee is cultivated in the central plateaus. Bananas are raised in the tropical coastal regions.
Costa Rica’s Child Law Policy
Children in Costa Rica after they turn 14 years old, they are qualified to work. Everyone over 18 years old are obligated to vote and to participate in presidential elections.
Costa Rica’s Tourism
Costa Rica is known for its preservative rainforests and volcanoes. The Arenal Volcano has a zip- line, many people hike and raft there. The volcano’s last eruption was 2010. The Manuel Antonio National Park is known for its beaches, diverse wildlife, and rainforest. The three-toed sloth and the white-faced capuchin monkey can be found there, it was established 1972. The Corcorado National Park is known for its biodiversity. It holds jaguars and the almost extinct squirrel monkey. It was established on October 24, 1975.
Costa Rica’s National
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