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Culture Paper: Costco Businesses no matter what the size always have a structure or a way to organize goals and tasks to make sure the individuals working for the company can succeed in every need in every way. Costco is a company that has a goal regardless of the situation, and that being said I’m going to explain a little more in depth about the company’s culture and structure. When working for a company the first thing to take into consideration is how they treat employees. Not a single person would want to wake up day after day, only to dislike the job they spend at least 30 hours a week at. Costco believes in the fair treatment to employees including, the most generous benefits, one of a kind wages, and most of all, making all employees…show more content…
The goal of taking care of employees the way Costco does is so that when employees are at work, they can focus on the tasks given to them at anytime without having to worry about personal problems because Costco has already taken care of that for them (Elliot Zwiebach).…show more content…
Additionally, to the trust from employees, customers must be respected as well because without customers, you would not have employees, and without employees, you would no longer have a thriving business. Members of Costco are treated with the upmost respect from not only employees, but the higher figures of the company as well. CEO James Sinegal believes in respect, value at the most affordable prices for everyone (Slideshare Slide 8). Sinegal has also been spotted in the Costco

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