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Walking Corpse Syndrome which is also known as Cotard’s Syndrome is when an individual has an overwhelming feeling that they are either completely dead, or parts of their bodies are missing. This is an extremely rare disease that doesn’t occur in a lot of people. There are also a lot of people who have had it that do not like talking about it, but there was a case in Alabama where a young female had Cotard’s Syndrome and she was brave enough to talk about it. Cotard’s Syndrome is something that happens in the amygdala of the brain which controls a lot of the “feelings” a human receives. This syndrome was founded back in 1880 by a French neurologist named Jules Cotard. This syndrome dates back to 1788 when conditions were first seen, but it…show more content…
She claimed that she wanted to visit a graveyard on her way home to feel dead like those buried, but she had no graveyard in sight so she went home and slept it off. She said she went shopping later that week, with no symptoms of the syndrome, she was shopping for dresses when she felt the warm sensation pass over her again, and she dropped all the dresses in her hand and ran out of the store. She felt the same sensation where she just felt dead overall; she had no life. The main cause of death, believe it or not, is starvation, because humans believe that when they have this syndrome they do not need to eat because they are already dead. In this case, Haley ate whatever she wanted because she believed that she wouldn 't gain any weight so she could eat whatever she wanted. This disease doesn’t make the person act any differently so it is not easily found in patients unless they are vocal about their potential disease. Haley’s friends sensed there was something wrong when Haley would ignore them, and wouldn 't speak to them on a regular basis. They notified HaleHaley finally worked up the courage to tell her father who eventually told her to see a psychiatrist. Haley went in to a psychiatrist who then tried his best to figure out what was wrong with her when he finally found out

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