Cotswold House Reflection Analysis

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Cotswold House reflection 2

Experience of having meal with patients (Eaten Disorders)

The author will utilize Gibbs reflective cycle in application to this experience on situation. I was included with a gathering of patients assigned to eat in my placement area. The dinning was set up by staff individuals and all dishes were served by the both patients and staff on the ward. As a student, I have not had the chance of sitting in with patients at meal time and eat together around a table. I was cheerful to be with them since it was a test to my learning opportunity.

Summary of incident

Lunch was served and everyone on the table was caught up with eating, additionally I was introduced to the patients round the table as a new student on
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I got the certainty to asked the staff who instructed me to leave the dinning before time and she informed me concerning what turned out badly with the skin of the jacket potato on my plate. I took her feedback as exceptionally appropriate and touchy because it showed up patients were inconvenience in such circumstances. I can unhesitatingly eat with the patients decisively and have adapted a few standards about the dining area.


This episode of care has improved my trust and confidence in the dining room and the use of cutlery sets when eating with a gathering of patients and glad to utilize that as a transferable ability in future. Likewise, eating with patient promotes comfort and engagement. I learnt that is nurses’ obligation to support patients who are struggling to finish their meals in the dinning room particularly patients experiencing Anorexia and bulimia nervosa

Final Evaluation and Action Plan

In future, I will discuss with my mentor the advantages and disadvantages of the dining area
I was given a video to watch concerning the dining area which is useful
I will take a gander at the menu and if is not to my satisfaction then I won 't attempt to endeavour to eat
I will urge myself unequalled to eat to inspire my patients
I might want to take in the abilities and strategies of managing a patient who is battling with their dinner in
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