Cotton Dust Impact On Textile Industry

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Impact of Cotton Dust from Textile industry on the Environment and Human health

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Impact of Cotton Dust from Textile industry on the Environment and Human health

Cotton dust generated during the processing of cotton in the textile industry produced in tons every year.
This micro dust is harmful for the health of the workers as inhaling this continuously causes deadly bronchitis diseases. Burning of this cotton dust releases lot of heat to the atmosphere which is thereby not sustainable for environment
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There are around 1850 textile units in the country . The Textile Industry releases huge volume of textile waste which needs to be recycled in a sustainable manner to the atmosphere.
Considering the rise in pollution in the environment, recycling and reuse of industrial waste is of utmost importance .Textile Industry produces different types of solid ,liquid and gaseous waste which needs to be treated properly to convert them into useful forms which does not effect the environment.
In India, every year the total amount of cotton fiber consumption is 26 lakh tons and that of willow dust generated is 2,10,000 tonnes . The problem associated with cotton dust has taken a serious attention as it has no resale value .
2.Cotton Dust
Cotton dust may be defined as too short fiber to be converted to any textile application .This microdust pollutes the atmosphere and emits foul
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