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That was “This is How We do It” by Montell Jordan coming up “Cotton Eye Joe” by the Rednex, wait what was that? My co host has just informed me that President Bill Clinton just said in a press conference that there has been an alien invasion in Washington D.C. The aliens are a hybrid of humans, blobfishes, turkeys, and balloons. Are you sure you aren’t yanking my chain Sally? “No,” Sally replied, “it's true, the Huffington Post just released an article about it.” We take a ten minute intermission to straighten things out. Ten minutes later… Thank you everybody for waiting so patiently, I will now give you all the details of the invasion. The aliens invaded at 9 o’clock last night in Washington D.C. A great beam of light was shot into the air from the Washington Memorial just before the invasion. An enormous space ship then slowly descended until it stopped right above the White House. Then little aliens…show more content…
Phase one, kill all world leaders and take over the world. Phase two, capture all humans and store them in a pyramid shaped space ship. Phase three, turn the world into a wasteland by launching nukes to every part of the globe. Phase four, enslave the human race to serve the Illuminati overlord called “The Eye” and isolate the best humans for “The Eye’s” personal servants, and the worst humans for “The Eye’s” food. Whether these rumors are true or not be on alert and tell your loved ones you love them. Why are you laughing Sally? “B-Because, ha ha ha, it was all a, it was all a, a… A what?! A prank! What? A prank Cole a P-R-A-N-K, prank! You’re joking! I was about the invasion but not about this! Thank you everybody for tuning in, for the next hour or so will be just music while I go and kill my co-host sally, thank you everybody and have a great day. Come here you I’ll get you, you trickster if it's the last thing I

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