Could A Dog Adopt A Giraffe Be Friends With A Lion?

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Could a dog “adopt” a kitten? Can a giraffe be friends with a lion? Animals can surprise us in many ways. Some are when a dog and a hedgehog start playing around with each other, other are when a dog grabs a frisbee in mid-flight, and others are when your animal does something awesome. But for some weird reason dogs or any other animal can have this instinct to take in other animals as their own. This is what happen to this family pet. Here is the story of Bella, the German shepherd.

Bella is a 2 year old german shepherd, she is young and playful, and has pups of her own. But something strange happened one day while Bella was outside in the backyard. while bella was outside she heard multiple squeaks in the direction of the woods and Bella went to see what it was, like always, and found a group of 4 baby kittens. Bella being the kind dog she is, took the kittens in and made them her own. Now along her 3 pups are 4 kittens that are now a part of their little “Dog” family.
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In the passage Animal roles and relationships, the author states that, in passage 3, a wolf pack will all take turns caring for the young. Also in the passage Unusual animal friendships, the author talks about how a dog takes care and, or helps a orangutan get back to health, and from then on take care of it. So how might a dog, bella, that just had puppies might care for a litter of kittens? Well there are many reasons why a dog might do this. For one it might be in the dog’s right mind to take care of these kitties. Or the dog just mistaken them for one of her
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