Could Have Made A Difference: Washington Farewell Address

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Could Have Made a Difference: Washington Farewell Address Washington composed the Farewell Address because he wanted to improve our country. He put in writing what he emphasized about foreign alliances, Political Parties, credit, debt, and taxes. I support Washington Address because permanent alliances is not a terrific idea if we want to stay neutral and have alliances with other countries. Washington wanted stable credit, not a lot of debt, and he didn't like taxes but you have to pay your share. Political Parties weren’t Washington's favorite because each party had different idea and the ideas ended in two different places. I do place confidence in Washington’s Farewell Address through considering the ideas of trying to help our Country. Washington believed that we shall not form permanent foreign alliances, as stated “It is our true policy to steer clear of permanent alliances with any portion of the foreign word...” Tolerating permit foreign alliances means that other countries would think that your country would be opposed to their country. Washington yearned to be neutral. Being neutral helps with forming temporary foreign alliances. Another reason would be,…show more content…
People may think that Washington is Incorrect because political parties help our government, we should use more credit, and finally should have permanent alliances, so we know that we´ll always have their support. Primarily, political parties pull us apart in our society and has a component in our decides in who we choose for our government. Secondly, if we use more credit we will have more debt to pay off in the future and it will keep growing. Ultimately, if we have permanent alliances we will not be neutral and not have as many alliances with other countries. If we have only have one alliance, we will have only one country to help us with our needs and if we were to go to war, we might not have enough resources to last the whole

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