Clarification Skills For Counseling Self-Disclosure-In Therapy

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Definition of Terms In order to provide the readers necessary understanding of the contents of the study, the important aims were define operationally Capping move client along from emotionally intense experience to a cognitive discussion pt was crying and crying and silent, so the therapist said this clearly was very upsetting to you, do you remember what you were thinking when this happened? or use humor, but risky. Clarification foundation skill used to ensure complete understanding of client communication, used to avoid assumptions, shows client that they are being heard, Clarification is important to prevent misunderstandings which may deter progress Ex; client been telling therapist about her sons disruptive and rude toward her,…show more content…
It should be done solely for the purpose of helping the client, and not to meet the needs of the therapist.
Counseling Skills which is acquire verbal and non verbal skills that enhance communication by helping a medical professional to establish a good rapport with a patient or client using the 10 basic counseling skills.

Empathy- The ability to perceive another's experience and then to communicate that perception back to the individual to clarify and amplify their own experiencing and meaning Gantt, E. E. “Empathy.” Encyclopedia of Human Development. 2005. SAGE Publications. Newbury Park, CA.
Engagement process of the therapist and client becoming involved and committing to the therapy process, Technique focuses on the engage of the client to participate actively in therapy and maintain their interest. Establishing Rapport a close and harmonious relationship in which the people or groups concerned understand each other's feelings or ideas and communicate
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concentrating on or close/narrow attn to what is imp and what is currently being discussed, involves attending to problems/feelings as they arise, ability to focus encourages the client to work on present problems where there are attainable goals vs focusing on past unchangeable ones, leads to direction in therapy which results in creation of goals and plan to achieve Genuineness Ability of counselor to be freely themselves. Includes congruence between outer words/behaviors and inner feelings; nondefensiveness; non-role-playing; and being unpretentious. Guidance Practitioner which refer to a persons who practice a profession technique or occupation of a guidance counselor including the profile of age, gender, civil status, educational attainment, major, assignments & years of service. Immediacy according. To Rogers. attending to problems and feelings as they arise, therapist reflects on an aspect of current feelings, thoughts in therapy, increases warmth and empathy, Imp: if there is no response, client may perceive as judgment from
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