Counseling Treatment Intervention Case Study

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Hendricks, Bradley, Southern, Oliver, and Birdsall (2011) state that the role of the counselor in working with families is “to protect family relationships and advocate for the healthy growth and development of the family as a whole and each member’s unique needs” (p. 217). The 2010 Code calls for family members to be part of the rehabilitation team. The autonomy of those members and the individual with disabilities is recognized through the disclosure and informed consent process. This is appropriate for age, linguistic, and functional factors of the individual with disabilities or family members. This establishment helps with the title counseling and necessity it is required to have in life.
What is counseling? To define what counseling is
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This comes from in relation to the characteristics that are established already inside the counselor. In the responsibilities that should be completed by the counselor is to inform the reflective interpretation from the counselor. Being an counselor comes more from the information that you retained as a student, but more so how you interact with people. The characteristics that a counselor should have are active listening skills, plenty of patience and encouragement. These key components can help with the retentions rate of the client showing up to sessions but also a sense of confidence the client will feel comfortable to open up about the…show more content…
Such interventions are specifically implemented in the context of a professional counseling relationship and includes appraisal; sometimes guidance and consulting is to facilitate the normal growth and development, such as educational and career development aspect. The professional counselor utilizes the more advanced skills and asks clients to take active steps for reaching their goals. The counselors ask their clients to evaluate their progress on goals by reflecting verbal.
The Consultation process is the application of scientific principles and procedures in counseling. Consultation is the action or process of formally consulting or discussion. The area of human development provides the proper assistance in understanding and solving current or potential problems that the consultee may have in relation to a third party, be it an individual, group, or organization. Any process that is proceeded is completed by patience and understanding to move from point A to point
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