Basic Personal Counselling: A Case Study

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Formats for contract requirement may include how receptive and ready the client is to move forward with their treatment and take a more positive role for change and improvement in their life. Both the client and the counsellor need to be clear on what is to be expected with this process. A counselling contract may be the next step in the move forward. This is an agreement, either written or verbal, and at this stage, clarity around code of ethics, confidentiality and exceptions with mandatory reporting, a person-centred approach and discussions surrounding content issues to be explored, will all be explained and advised. The ‘Basic Personal Counselling’, 8th Edition, by Geldard, Geldard & Yin Foo, advises that “A counselling contract…show more content…
The concept surrounds the right of all adults that have the ability to make choices around their health and care, even if health care professionals believe that these choices are detrimental to their health. This acknowledgement that life experiences come with a certain amount of risk, and that support must be given to those making preferences, even if the outcomes come failure or success, as it is the client’s right to make their own choices. However, it can be challenging to support decisions that have risk associated, as it is imbedded in our safety-orientated health care ethics to disapprove or object. Consequently, it may mean that strategies and conversations are in place to deal with the outcomes, so that harm minimisation may be the best acceptable result for the client’s…show more content…
It is not a requirement that a duty of care be defined by law, though it will often develop through the jurisprudence of common law." Duty of care is a requirement that behavior and actions towards others and the public are with consideration, forethought and carefulness that any reasonable person in the circumstances would assume. If this standard of care is not met then the actions are considered negligent and may result in legal

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