Counselling Reflection Paper

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Techniques The basic techniques and skills in counselling would be essential for a good leading, these techniques are micro skill which can help the group run smoother. Such as the active listening skill, not only listening to the content, but also the voice and body language (Corey, Corey, & Corey, 2009). Using reflection to help members aware their content and feeling. Encouraging and supporting is important in this group, giving support to the children to participate and learning through activity. Summarizing would be also appear in each session’s debriefing time as a reminder. There are still a lot micro skill cannot mention in detail in here, however there are some special skill necessary for the group of children. To hold a group for kindergarten children, an enthusiastic voice would be an effective tool, to get the attention and interested from the children. Besides, holding a group for children should use multi-sensory approach, to help the children learning through activity, such as storytelling, exercises and drawing (Masson, Jacobs, Harvill, & Schimmel, 2012). Through these approach, it is easier for children to express their emotion and feeling to the leader, encourage self-expression.
Session One – “Happy Kids”. In this session, the main goal is to build up relationship between members and leader. Thus, to build up a sense of group and cohesion to the members. And to know members how to express their happy feeling. Outline: The session would first
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