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Encountering Culture Through the Eyes of Platt Imagine a world where people are living for themselves, thriving to succeed in their careers, working hard to accumulate wealth, and dealing only with issues that affect them personally. Picture a world where people are completely oblivious as to who created them, what He did for them, and what their true mission in life should be. In Counter Culture, author David Platt, brings to light different problems the world faces today. He discusses these various topics: culture, poverty, abortion, orphans and widows, sex slavery, marriage, sexual morality, ethnicity, religious liberty, and the unreached. For each one he gives real life examples of issues humanity experiences every day. But not only does…show more content…
In today’s human society, the definition of marriage has changed from how it used to be and what it means in the Bible. In the Bible, it is written that “the head of every man is Christ, the head of a wife is her husband, and the head of Christ is God” (English Standard Bible, 1 Cor. 11.3). The Bible specifically mentions a husband and a wife, not a wife and a wife, or vice versa. God designed marriage to give people companionship, and so that they can provide others an illustration of their relationship with Him. Husbands are to love and lead their wives, and wives are to submit to their husbands. However, according to Platt, “this is not the picture of marriage that the world often perceives” (143). Some men don’t want to undertake marriage due to selfishness or irresponsibility, while some women fear or detest the thought of submitting. More and more people today put aside marriage for countless different reasons. The terms of marriage are changing in the world. Platt quotes Mark Regnerus noting that, “fewer than half of all American households today are made up of married couples” (Regnerus). God designed a man’s and a woman’s body to come together as one flesh in marriage, and afterwards the physical union of sex. Granted, marriage, nor sex is used to glorify God in the world today. Which brings up Platt’s next issue, sexual…show more content…
In Counter Culture, author David Platt sheds light on frequent issues people face in the world today and how all these issues revolve around the Creator. Humans were created not only by Him, but for Him; therefore, they should live each day to glorify Him. Included in each chapter of the book are a variety of ways people can help initiate a change and truly glorify God in the world today. “What might happen if we made Him our focus instead?” (xiv) Now, envision a world where people demonstrate love and compassion toward one another, and who are all in agreement as to what is right, and what is

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