Counter Reformation In The 16th Century

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During the mid 15th-16th century, a battle over right and wrong was started between the catholic church and the protestants. This was called the Counter Reformation. Protestants like Martin Luther, John Calvin and many others fought for the rights of themselves, their people and the beliefs of their holy bible. They fought back by sending letters to specific priest, churches and the pope. They wrote books to spread their ideas around the world. Some of the things the church tried to do to stop the spread of these ideas was through the Index of forbidden books. Another way was through inquisition, and last thirdly using the jesuits to spread their version of christianity across the land. The Index of forbidden books was finalized in 1546 by the council trent. The index of forbidden books was a list with all the books that the church thought could hurt them or potentially inspire/teach the real truth about christianity and their religion. As the List of Forbidden Books was released, it was shown to by everybody. People who represented the church went door to door…show more content…
In the 16th century, the Roman Inquisition was a movement created by the Spanish called the Spanish inquisition in 1478. Inquisition was the idea of using various methods of torture to punish them for going agaisnt the church or not listening to the churchs rules. People were put through inquistion for owning books from the Index of Forbidden books, spreading “false” ideas about the church or even just writting a letter to the church and or Pope. This Proved the Church was willing to forget their own religious beliefs and do whatever was neccessary to recieve money and power back in the church. The church would also use Inquistion to littearly squeeze information that they needed out of somebody the belived to posses such information about the location of a person or a place. This is another way the Church countered the
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