Essay On The Counter Reformation

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During the mid 15th-16th century, a battle over right and wrong was started between the catholic church and the protestants. This was called the Counter Reformation. Protestants like Martin Luther, John Calvin and many others fought for the rights of themselves, their people and the beliefs of their holy bible. They fought back by sending letters to specific priest, churches and the pope. They wrote books to spread their ideas around the world. Some of the things the church tried to do to stop the spread of these ideas was through the Index of forbidden books. Another way was through inquisition, and last thirdly using the jesuits to spread their version of christianity across the land. The Index of forbidden books was finalized in 1546 by the…show more content…
The Jesuits were an elite squad of people whose sole mission in life was to spread the churchs ways and Christianity to areas that have lost faith. The Jesuits are compared to a elite military group. They went in and out of towns community without anybody knowing they were their besides the people they were in contact with. The Jesuits were loyal to the church but mainly the Pope. The Jesuits would report back to the Pope and be sent out on missions by the Pope. The reason why the Jesuits were so loyal was because they were all strong firm belivers in the way of the church and Christianity. Jesuits stressed about education though, they didn’t belive that everybody would make it to college or grow up with a good education. The Jesuits created colleges called Jesuit college to help people get a better education. Colleges today like Boston College, George town, Holy Cross and many more were all founded by Jesuits. Through these colleges the taught people the basics but also about christian faith. The jesuits knew if you teach somebody something in college it must be true because they have a degree so essancially they can kill two birds with one
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