Counterfeit Product Literature Review

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2.1.1 Dependent Variable – Attitudes towards Counterfeit Products Counterfeit products dilute the brand equity and minimize the symbolic value of authentic luxury products (Zhou and Hui, 2003). There might not be a noticeable difference in perceived quality as counterfeits are cheaper substitutes for expensive genuine products (Gentry et al. 2006). According to Tom (1998), consumers are motivated to purchase products with a fashion component attached such as luxury products. Consumers are willing to pay for the visual attributes and functions without paying for the quality. Consumers are also expected to prefer counterfeit products with a famous brand name attached that would be meaningful to the consumer (Cordell, 1996). According to (Chow-Hou Wee, 1995), it has been recognized that attitude influences behavioural intention. There are effects of two specific issues on consumers’ behavioural intention which are attitude towards counterfeiting and attitude towards market practices. If a person’s attitude towards counterfeiting is favourable, it is highly likely that he or she would consider the purchase of counterfeit products. It defines attitude towards market practices as a person’s beliefs and feelings towards the operations of the business institutions. He or she is less likely to purchase the branded originals if a person holds an unfavourable attitude towards the high-profile operations of branded goods manufacturers and the snob

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