Counterfeiting In The Fashion Industry

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INTRODUCTION Counterfeiting seems to turn into a huge global threat to industries because of its spectacular growth. This is an alarming situation that needs urgent attention in order to fight with the counterfeit industry. Counterfeiters have solitary objectives of producing and marketing counterfeit products that reduce costs and ignore the quality, the lack of purity and earn profits illegally. Counterfeit products are authentic reproduction pirated products that exist with remarkable brand value and having a good market share. Counterfeiting includes packaging, labeling, and original brands copied in such a way that seem original for consumers but not actual genuine article. Pakistan is also becoming a hub for counterfeit products, from clothes to biscuits to shoes and watches everything is available. Both original and fake. It is becoming an alarming situation for the brands, because it not only affects their sales but also their goodwill. The Pakistani textile industry is moving forward with the times and progress in recent years. With the passage of time the fashion industry of Pakistan has transformed and now they keep themselves updated with all the latest trends and styles. Pakistan is now home to major fashion houses and textile brands that work both nationally and internationally. Therefore, a lot of competition among local designers also increased and the size of the market. However, this reality cannot be ignored that the manufacturer of copies get active

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