Counterterrorism Policy Memo

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TO: President of the United States
SUBJECT: Counterterrorism Policies
After the infamous 9/11 terrorist attacks, the U.S. has continued to experience violent and ideological terrorism, especially from Islam affiliated terrorists. For instance, in the recent past, various parts of the U.S. have witnessed terrorist attacks, such as the indiscriminate and hate perpetuated shootings that occurred in Orlando. Consequently, combating terrorism and violent extremism is among the duties to be executed by the government of the United States through a set of counterterrorism policies. Although the United States has established measures of combating terrorism through the Bureau of Counterterrorism and Countering
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The mission of the Bureau is to promote national security of United States of America (Kraft and Edward 6). It achieves that by taking the leading role in developing strategies and approaches that are coordinated so as to defeat terrorism and also to secure counterterrorism within the United States of America. The current policy options aim to strengthen the civilian capacity, partnerships, and information sharing throughout the states to create awareness to people on the impacts and root causes of terrorism activities. In addition, there are law enforcements policies and judicial capabilities that provide mitigation measures to the terrorism and violent extremism (Kraft and Edward 101). These laws aim at disrupting the terrorist transit, investigating, and prosecuting those involved in terrorist…show more content…
First, improving the preventions of terrorist travel will aid in curbing acts of terrorism within the States of America. Better policies and strategies of thwarting the terrorist travel should be established for as long as terrorism continues to exist. For example, security within various traveling points should be enhanced, and travelers that are suspicious should be subject to strict scrutiny. This will be an effective way of reducing the number of tourists that get into the country through different means, hence reducing

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