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Countess Constance Markiweicz was Irish Sinn Fein, Fianna Fail politician, suffragette, revolutionary nationalist, socialist, and a kind hearted women. To her,“The Easter Rebellion was a failed rebellion”, and yet, she did not regret partaking in the horrific rebellion. Constance Gore-Booth was born on the 4th of feb, 1868, in London. The Countess was born protestant, and into a wealthy estate of which her farther, Sir Henry Gore-Booth owned. Her family was famous for their kindness towards their servants and tenants, and due to her upbringing, the Countess was appalled by any form of discrimination.

In 1900, Constance married Count Casimir Markievicz, and gained the title Countess. In 1906, the Countess and her husband rented out a cottage,
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Countess Constance joined the ICA in 1913, for the reasons of protecting workers and protestors from the police. James Connolly mentored Constance, as she was one of the first joining members, and had a significant role in developing her political ideology. In 1927, the Countess reinforced this as she stated in ‘The Nation’ newspaper “when he began to organise the Irish Citizen Army he brought me along, teaching me”.

James Connolly and the ICA provided motivations for involvement in the Easter Rebellion as the Countess dedicated her life to what she considered to be helping others and to the fall of British rule. The Countess believed that the ICA was working towards a better future for Catholics who were discriminated against, and for the freedom of Ireland.‘The Peasant and Sinn Fein’, and her loving upbringing motivated her as she saw the harsh conditions faced by many, and she believed that Ireland’s freedom would help prevent this
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