Counting Spongebob Language Analysis

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Raghu Inturi I really liked your attention getter because it had audience involvement. You obviously know that High School students don’t love anything more than relaxing, so your attention getter was captivating because it was something we could all relate to. Moreover, I liked the question you posed of what happened to our principle of fun because that’s a deeper question than it seems to be, and it really made me think. Counting Spongebob, I counted exactly 6 sources. Though SpongeBob added to the pathos of your argument, I don’t know is he counted as a credible source with a lot of information. Nevertheless, I did like you you analysed his idea of F.U.N. Your eye contact was really good throughout your speech, and it was definitely more…show more content…
For example, you laid out a roadmap at the beginning of the speech to explain what you will talk about first, second, and last. I knew exactly where you were going with your speech at the beginning, where it was going in the middle, and what you had talked about by the end. Moving on your transitions -- and just your transitions -- was also helpful for your audience because we knew you were moving onto the next point. You used fluctuation to show the importance of some of your points. For example, you slowed down when you were explaining statistics to help your facts “sink in.” The one point that really stood out to me personally was when you said that our brains are the greatest computers. This stood out to me because it was a really good analogy, but also because you really stressed your voice to show just how great our brains are. I don’t think I heard any repetitions of signal phrases, and they were all very effective. Some examples of good signal phrases you used include: “A study by... , As confirmed by …, … explains in his TED talk, in a survey conducted by… , to quote… , and Glen Lopez’s article states….” These were all different signal phrase,s and I do think you did a pretty good job with validating each of them. All of your signal phrases seemed pretty natural which really helped with seamlessly embedding your
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