Country Music Band: The Carter Family

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The Carter Family is an American country music band, their music has made such an impact on effected bluegrass, country and pop music and even more. This band originally consisted of three members, the married couple A.P. and Sarah Carter and cousin Maybelle Carter, who is also known as the ‘mother’ Maybelle. Sarah Carter sings lead vocals and play autoharp, Maybelle sings harmony and plays banjo and guitar and A.P. sings harmony and background vocals. The band has played a historical role in early country and folk music. The Carter Family’s success can not have made without Maybelle’s style and their outstanding style which differ from rest. One of the most significant part of the Carter Family sound is the way Maybelle plays guitar, her fingering style legacy still linger on modern country music. Maybelle was born as the sixth child out of a family of 10 children located in the mountains of western Virgina, which known as “Poor Valley”. Her musical talents are highly related her family background. She sings and learned to play banjo and autoharp when she is young. When she turns 13, she picks up guitar. On the other hand, she learns the local folk song which passes down generations from her mother. At the age of 15, she joins the Carters and starts performances, however it is not until they met Ralph Peer that the family really step forward into recording industry. The Carter Family is the pioneering band whom to use guitar as their lead instrument, and the other person who has effected Maybelle is an African American guitar player named Leslie Riddle who appears in the early years of their career. He firstly introduces…show more content…
The Mother Mybelle, singer Sara and sing collector A.P. together make the Carter Family. There is no doubt at why they have been called as “The First Family of Country

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