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Fragmented, dissociated, repeatedly interrupted by the introduction of new images and transition of perspectives—the narrative of its lyrics seems to be floating in a loosely connected logic, in which a dreamlike effect is tempered by the elements of contrast and fragmentation. Incorporated in this apparently disconnected elements and imageries was a sensational expression of sorrow and despair, rendered though both lyrics and tunes. Obviously, the absence of any definitive hint to the thematic of the lyrics suggests the plurality of its interpretation. However, the phrases appeared in the lyrics could at least justify the inference that the primary theme pertains to the perished love. The allusion to the author’s intended meaning was transduced in a euphemistic manner. Instead of applying any descriptive phrases, a pessimistic, melancholic atmosphere was used as an intermediate—a narrative that consists solely of subjective feeling, mixed with illusionary visual and sensational effects. Together these elements created a logically connected flow of feeling—isolation, self-contradiction, and moving gradually towards a dethatched despair, which reaches its climax in the refrains. “In the sunshine of the south you walk in blizzard; in the frigid northern winter I live an eternal spring.” The pungent feeling…show more content…
The schism between blizzard and sunshine can be interpreted as an evidence of the duplicity of author’s psychology—the pretended buoyancy and joviality and seems to dominate his life, and the deeply hidden sorrow that controls his mentality. To some extent subjects you and I are interchangeable—the narrator’s divided perspective seems to be able to unite the tow subjects in one, which underlines the contrast between the imaginative and the reality, the persona and

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