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When people think of country music, they might think of hillbillies. They might say “I don’t want to listen to hillbilly nonsense”. Country music is not nonsense, and it is definitely not all about hillbillies. To some people, country music is all they had growing up. When someone mentions country music, faith, family, and freedom come to mind. Some people might dislike country music, but it can help people overcome obstacles, being back old memories, and can also change a person’s mood. Every person in their lifetime have many obstacles to deal with, whether it is big or small. Country songs can help overcome obstacles. In the song “The Climb” by Miley Cyrus, she focuses on overcoming them. She states “The struggles I’m facing might knock me down but I’m not breaking”. This means the troubles she faces might knock her down but she’s going to get back up and keep her faith. This song will help someone because it will help them keep their faith, overcome the obstacle, and not give up. During the daily lifestyle, people are constantly making memories or remembering them whether they are good or bad. Almost every country singer has a song about the memories they have made. Listening to country music can bring back all sorts of memories. These memories may be a passing of a loved one, bringing back memories with family, or just memories from driving…show more content…
Country music can also regulate an emotional state. It can effect away a person feels, and it can also impact a person’s focus. Country music affects different people in different ways. Hearing a certain song usually triggers a certain emotion linked to that song. Some of the emotions are from experiences, others from memories. All of the events in a person’s life are brought back to them when they listen to a certain song or any type of music. There is a country song for just about any mood a person is in. There is some for happy, sad, anger, heartbreaks, or just being

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