Country Music: Similarities Between Latin Music And Country

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Our world has a lot of different kinds of music for everybody to listen. They all come from different cultures as their music comes from each of them. We all have different types of music to listen as we like. Music is a big thing for people because we are always around music. With two different types of music like Latin and country, so different yet similar to their background information. Latin music has it owns rhythmic and characteristics. Where they came from is a completely a different story. According to Carlos Quintana’s article Latin Music History on April 29, 2017, in the source, states “The Latin music started [...] when the arrival of Columbus.” As Carlos said that the music has two different languages…show more content…
According to the on Country Music states it was founded in the 1920s. In the Wikipedia said, “The roots came from the folk music, especially the Appalachian folk music and blues.” The Wikipedia said that “The country music […] consists of ballads and dance tunes with simple forms, folk lyric and harmonies accompanied by mostly instruments such as banjo, […] as well as harmonicas.” Wikipedia also talked about immigrants came to the Southern Appalachian Mountains brought the music and instruments with them as well. In the Wikipedia also said, “There are six generations of the country artist starting from the 1920s to now, it also came along with different types of country music like country, pop, hillbilly boogie, country soul crossover, alt-country, and bro-country from each generation.” Latin and Country music has a different background of their music. They both use instruments to create their sounds even when it is different types of instruments. Their music came at different time periods because Columbus came to the New World and the Southern United States. They have people from different places help form their music. Both of the music grew throughout the years because now they are popular among some

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