Police Role In Law Enforcement

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County police is the smallest police branch in the United States, this type of police is usually located in small countries and countryside. Usually in every county Sheriff that was nominated and voted on, generally the sheriff has a permit from the state to conduct the work of the police like the investigation and arrests and others, at the county level only . When there is a sheriff's office in the county, it does not mean that there are no state police in the county, it can be both together enforce the law and that's what's happening in Maryland . The powers of the Sheriff office vary in three categories, the first one is the type of full service provision for the county, and the full service means responsibility for law enforcement and…show more content…
In this section, we will discuss the role of the police and why they do not have a good reputation when it comes to the protection of human rights .The law in the United States of America establishes that one of the reasons for allowing the search and arrest of a "probable cause", this rule with no doubt was enacted to protect the citizen and preserve his or her privacy and dignity from violating and infringing with his or her rights. However, the problem here is that there is no clear limit or definition of what exactly is a probable cause to search and arrest as a result, this lack of specificity here has led to many violations of individuals rights, albeit inadvertently. On the other hand, it is difficult to define what is considered to be a probable cause, it is impossible to include all the reasonable reasons in one…show more content…
Despite this level of awareness, police officers who receive calls that report a cybercrime are rarely qualified to investigate and understand technology to the extent that justice is achieved for the individual. State police officers frequently try to throw cybercrimes at the hands of federal police because they not wanting to be the first responders . The community expects police officers to do their job perfectly or at least try to do so because when they fail to investigate an electronic crime, the rights of many of the victims will surely be lost because the police have not done their duty to protect the rights of individuals. The solution to this problem is that the state should start the training and development of officers' skills, or at least some of them so that they can protect citizens from losing their rights
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