Courage And Bravery In Odysseus In Homer's The Odyssey

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The Odyssey is an epic poem written by the Greek writer Homer, and it recounts the story of a man named Odysseus and his journey to return to his home. Throughout his journey, Odysseus encounters many obstacles, including cyclops, giants, and he even has dealings with the gods. As Odysseus tries to return home, his son Telemachus has to deal with a group of suitors who in the absence of Odysseus, are trying to marry Penelope, Odysseus’ wife. In Homer’s the Odyssey, the idea of how one needs courage and bravery to accomplish tasks is exemplified, especially when the tasks seem insurmountable. Firstly, Odysseus relied on his courage and bravery during his journey home. During the middle of his journey, he and his crew are trapped in the cyclops’…show more content…
Telemachus addresses the suitors after talking to Athena the previous day and tells them that they need to stop courting Penelope until either Odysseus returns, or news of his death is confirmed. (Page 21). When Telemachus receives guidance from Athena, he has the courage to be brave and stand up to the suitors and tell them to wait until there was confirmation of Odysseus’ death, which will prolong Penelope’s decision on a suitor. Telemachus then leaves Ithica and visits Nestor to ask for information about Odysseus, “Him answer’d, bolder now, but still discrete, Telemachus. For Pallas had his heart with manly courage arm’d, so that he might ask from Nestor tidings of his absent Sire…” (Page 40) This exemplifies how when Telemachus is courageous, he is able to achive his goals, for if Telemachus did not have the courage to ask Nestor of his father, then Telemachus would not have learned anything. In order for Telemachus to accomplish any of his goals, he must have courage and he must be brave, for without those attributes he will fail in his life. Without courage and bravery, it is nearly impossible for a person to be successful in life, as is exemplified in Homer’s the Odyssey. Time and time again, Odysseus and Telemachus overcome huge obstacles due to how they are filled with courage and bravery. If these important attributes were absent from Odysseus
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